A message from David,

The task ahead of you will be very hard and sometimes confusing. You will search the net, visit photographers, compare their literature, and finally choose a photographer. You may pick me. That would be nice.

In your search, you will be told about the current trends in wedding photography (i.e. color/sepia portraits, and black and white photojournalist) along with the professional equipment we use to photograph your wedding. Obviously those of us who have been in this business a while will have all the right answers, since we have all been asked the same questions a hundred times. Bridal magazines will tell you to ask us questions about the type of film and cameras we use but their questions have nothing to do with the "creative quality" of the image.Think of it this way...do the magazines tell you to ask the DJ about his CD player or speakers or the Limo company about the drivers driving record...I think NOT. However, we do use top of the line medium and 35 mm format cameras, BUT, the equipment has nothing to do with how I create the finished image.

May I make these suggestions:

LOOK at my portraits as well as my competitor's portraits. See if they move you. Do the "posed portraits" look stiff and awkward or do they look natural and relaxed, classic and timeless.

Are the "photojournalistic images" really snapshots, or do they tell a story.

LOOK at the portraits and compare "quality" not quantity. If you like them, you've found the right photographer.

Good luck with your search for a photographer,

David Eggleston

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